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Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 Please click on the link and register today.
Tuesday, September 6th, 2022
Install is finally completed of a new Lenovo ThinkPad County MDT. This new PC gives crew's vital information from the county CAD and let's them know where other Emergency Vehicle's are dur...
Please read the press release and click the link below to register. https://Local police department launching database for people with autism, special needs
252 Engine 1
252 Engine 1
2018 Pierce Enforcer
8- MSA G1 SCBA'S with the buddy system 2- Blow Hard PPV Fans 2- Rechargeable Retractable LED Scene Lights 1500 Gal Waterous Single Stage Pump 750 Gal Poly Tank 1,900 FT 5" Hose 6- LED Fire Vulcan Lanterns 8- Man Cab 2- Honda Generator's 1- 8 Ft. Pike Pole 1- 4 Ft. Pike Pole 2-Axe's Assorted Cribbing Sizes 1- Stihl Chain Saw 1- Medical Bag with Narcan 1- Cardiac Science AED 1- Halligan Bar 1- TNT Tool 1- Elevator Key Box 1- Hydrant Box with portable radio 4-Shop Brooms 2- Flat Shovels 1- Dewalt Cordless Sawzall 2- Brush Rakes 2- MSA Altair 4 Gas Meters 2- Brush Brooms 1- Large Bolt and Cable Cutters 1- Closet Hook 1- Water Can Various Fittings and appliances Buckets of Oil Dry 600’- Pre Connect 1 3/4" Hose 300- Pre Connect 2 1/2" Hose 25' - 5" Pony Supply Line 1- Chimney Brush 1- MSA Thermal Image Camera 6- Kenwood Portable Radio's 8- PFD’s 1-Assorted Tool Bag 1-Accountability Board 4-Squeegee's 1-Foam Extinguisher 1-ABC Extinguisher 1-CO2 Extinguisher 25’ Extension Ladder Attic Ladder 8-Traffic Vest 6-Traffic Cones 1-Roof Ladder Wifi Mobile Data Terminal with GPS tracking Air Conditioned Cab 1-Kenwood Multi Channel UHF Mobile Radio with Pump panel access and a driver and officer headsets. 1-VHF Motorola Mobile Radio Detroit™ DD13® 525 hp Allison 4000EVS 4 speaker AM/FM Radio Passenger Side Speedometer and Maxi Brake
Retired Engine 252
Retired Engine 252
1993 Pierce Lance
Featuring a Detroit Diesel engine, capable of 450 horsepower and a automatic transmition was sold to North Fayette Station 209 in 2019.
Salvage 252
Salvage 252
1997 Smeal
 Various sizes of salvage covers and runners  1- Medical Bag  1-Cardiac Science AED  1- Stihl Chain Saw  1-50 Gal Wet/Dry Vac  1-25 Gall Wet/Dry Vac  6-MSA G1 SCBA’s  1-Assorted Tool Bag  6-Motorola Portable Radio’s  1-Little Giant Ladder  1-Collapsable Dolly  Wifi  Mobile Data Terminal with GPS tracking  Onan Gas Generator

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